Medium and Heavy Truck Sales Up 9% in June

Medium and heavy truck sales were up 9% in June over the same period a year ago and down 1% from the previous month, according to figures compiled by Ward’s Auto Group, a division of Penton Media.

Dealers sold 53,351 trucks with GVW ratings above 10,000 pounds during the month, up from June 2012 (49,142) and down from May 2013 (53,704).

Compared with June 2012, Class 8 trucks were down 9% (15,929, compared to 17,484). Class 7 sales were 3,896, down 3% from the 4,020.

For the year, truck dealers have sold 291,294 trucks with GVW ratings above 10,000 pounds, up 4% from 279,340 in 2012. Class 8 sales have been 85,840, a 14% decrease from the same period last year (99,246). Class 7 sales have been down 6% (22,635, compared to 23,975).

Total sales of all classes have been up 10%, from 3,680,099 to 4,065,362.

Every class has been up, except for Class 7 and 8. The biggest increase has been in Class 6 (26%).

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