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EZ STAK truck box EZ STAK

EZ STAK launches new aluminum Truck Box system

EZ STAK, a manufacturer of mobile workspace systems, recently introduced a new Truck Box to the market.

The company claimed the box sets the bar for what’s possible with pickup truck storage solutions, as it’s “competitively” priced, increases payload and sustains heavy weight through its durable aluminum design.

At 200 pounds unloaded, the Truck Box can hold up to 750 pounds of equipment, and 450 pounds inside the drawer at full extension, which the company said is made possible because it’s made of aluminum. Compared to steel, for example, aluminum is more dent resilient, and when both are pushed to the same extremes, aluminum is more durable.

“There’s nothing out there that’s this light and this tough,” said Calvin Lawrenson, EZ STAK’s business development manager. “A lot of departments are looking for storage solutions that can save fuel, carry a lot of heavy equipment and go easy on a truck.

“This box does all three.”


The Truck Box includes lock-in, lock-out drawer slides, which extend to 42 inches, keeping the drawer locked in place when the pickup is parked on a hill or slope.

“It’s a nice feature because if you are on a slant, you don’t have to hold the drawer,” Lawrenson said. “You can just grab your equipment and not have to worry about figuring out a way to keep the drawer in place at the same time.”

Other features include dual drawer slides to enhance lateral strength and stability, water-resistant design, standard middle drawer divider with divider kits to keep equipment organized, and slam-shut capability.

EZ STAK’s Truck Box is available in four sizes: 13x48x48, 13x40x48, 13x30x48 and 13x20x48 (height X width X depth). The 13-inch height provides more capacity inside, and the 48-inch-wide option allows the box to fit between the wheel wells.

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