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VT SVC Introduces Foaming System For Kidron Bodies, Trailers

VT SVC Inc. (VT SVC), a company of VT Systems Inc., is introducing ColdShield, a total temperature management solution available exclusively in its Kidron refrigerated distribution truck bodies and trailers.

A critical component of ColdShield is a state-of-the-art foaming system which improves cavity filling in floors, walls and ceilings, enabling Kidron trailers and truck bodies to protect refrigerated products by holding cold temperatures longer and more precisely, and recovering faster after frequent door openings.

Kidron's plant in Montgomery, Pennsylvania, has undergone a $3-million upgrade program involving expansion, manufacturing refinements and system enhancements. It is considered the most advanced manufacturing facility dedicated to food service in the world.

To increase Kidron's unit manufacturing capacity, two 6,000-gallon chemical tanks have been installed, along with a precise temperature control system, transfer pumps and pipe loop to production machines. The system is also integrated into the plant’s computer network to enable careful monitoring. Featuring pre-engineered shot times, it will alert operators if the temperature, mix or ratio of its constituent chemicals moves outside the acceptable range.

Developed in conjunction with Hennecke, Inc., the foaming process involves high-pressure impingement mixing. The resulting benefits include precise control of mix, ratio, optimum temperature, shot size and cavity fill in every Kidron body and trailer. Data collection is greatly enhanced, providing accurate data to ensure consistent quality of the products.

"Today's refrigerated transportation market needs a total temperature management solution, including impermeable wall liners, innovative design, enhanced construction,” said Mike Tucker, President of VT SVC. “Plus, the market needs an optimized foam formula and delivery system. After years of research and development, we are proud to introduce ColdShield total temperature management system. We have focused on the complete design and construction process from ‘A to Z’ to deliver the most thermally efficient refrigerated truck bodies and trailers."

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