VMAC Underhood kit goes into production


With VMAC’s latest Underhood (V900126) kit going into production, dealers now have an opportunity to provide an Underhood air compressor for the latest model of RAM trucks with Cummins engines.

In the past year, 140,675 new RAM trucks were sold, and a large and growing base of loyal customers have shown considerable interest in Underhood air compressors for their trucks. The new V900126 compressor is now mounted higher on the engine for easier access and greater protection from the environment.

Underhood compressors are reliable in a range of conditions. The new system provides superior Underhood space and weight savings without a trailer and sparing the deck or service body space typically dedicated to an air compressor. The new system provides up to 70 cfm.

There have also been pre-orders for the upcoming V90G126, featuring VMAC’s Intelligent Digital Controls. This air compressor system is smart enough to turn the truck off when air is not being used and then turn the truck back on when air is needed again.

Visit www.vmacair.com for complete details. ♦

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