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Utilimaster Spartan

Spartan showcases Utilivan truck body at GM fleet summit

Spartan Fleet Vehicles and Services, a unit of Spartan Motors under the Utilimaster and Strobes-R-Us brands, recently highlighted its Utilivan truck body on a General Motors (GM) chassis at the GM Fleet Solutions Summit in Dallas TX.

The company says its Utilivan is a highly customizable commercial truck body designed to meet the rigorous and varied demands of commercial product and service delivery.

“Utilimaster is committed to driving intelligent vehicle solutions across the commercial vehicle industry,” said Chad Heminover, president of Spartan Fleet Vehicles and Services. “The Utilivan is an important vehicle in our product portfolio due to its versatility in commercial applications.

“At the Summit, we showcased a variety of possible upfit configurations. Partnering with General Motors, we look forward to pairing our customers with a versatile vehicle solution that delivers optimal performance, no matter the load.”

Utilivan bodies are available in Utiliplate—a highly specialized composite material meant to withstand harsh weather conditions—or in aluminum. In either material, the Utilivan is built to deliver optimum performance through maximum versatility, Spartan said. The Utilivan features a lighter-weight body than traditional truck bodies, without compromising strength or durability.

The Utilivan features a cutaway chassis that allows for driver pass-through to the cargo area, and includes options such as side doors, an aerocap for increased fuel efficiency, back-up cameras and sensors, and customizable shelving. Available on both GM and Ford chassis platforms, the Utilivan ranges from 10 feet to 18 feet in length.   

To learn more about the Utilivan and its configurations, visit

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