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Work Truck Show 2019
WTS 2019 truck body gallery

Reading Truck Body celebrates 40 years of aluminum

INDIANAPOLIS. Reading Truck Body has reached its 40-year milestone in aluminum, and chose The Work Truck Show to be the kick-off to the celebration. More than four decades of hard work, invention and innovation have gone into Reading’s aluminum truck bodies, including the award-winning Classic II Service Body and Classic Service Van. There’s more to come as the company is preparing to celebrate its anniversary throughout 2019, according to the manufacturer.

In 1979, Reading introduced the first Aluminum Service Body to the industry. Reading’s aluminum bodies are now made exclusively with recycled high-strength alloy aluminum. Aluminum is naturally corrosion resistant and lighter than steel, reducing fuel costs. The bodies feature a tough, durable powder coat finish that is ready to withstand years of heavy use.

“Our dedication to manufacturing high-quality, dependable work truck bodies has remained a constant,” said Greg Freeman, president and COO, Reading Truck Group. “Over the years, we have enjoyed the collected wisdom and experience of our employees who take pride in the Reading name and the craftsmanship they put into every truck body we sell. We are also incredibly appreciative of the long-lasting relationships that have been formed with our partners and customers through the years and we look forward to continuing to strengthen them through a renewed focus on continuous improvement.”

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