Ox Bodies Unveils SuperDump to Boost Payload

Ox Bodies has released the new Ox SuperDump, with the reliability and ruggedness of its normal dump body but with four-, six- or seven-axle configurations that will increase payload by up to 26 tons and 80,000 GVWR (in most states). A bigger load with fewer trucks means fewer trips and more savings.

The Ox SuperDump distributes the weight of a load, getting maximum distance between the front and rear axles to a much wider ground area, helping to solve the payload restrictions in some states, therefore allowing an operator to haul more in a smaller body.

The air-suspension trailing axle is designed to carry the extra weight of the payload and ensures a smooth ride with superb stability and handling. Exclusive to Ox SuperDump is the sloped front design that eliminates the doghouse for better cleanout results. The hydraulics, reservoir and hoist are housed in an aluminum cabinet for easy access and protection.

Other beneficial options:

  • Air retractable mud flaps that clear the way for paving
  • On-board weight scales that let you monitor and maximize your load as you go
  • Non-stick liners to maximize cleanout
  • Variety of tarp systems to best fit your application
  • Cabshield options to choose your coverage
  • Aluminum or Poly fenders that are lightweight

To calculate your savings, visit www.oxbodies.com/superdump/ROI to use the Ox SuperDump Return On Investment calculator.

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