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New Fontaine modification lowers Peterbilt 348 cab

Fontaine Modification recently developed a new lowered roof modification for Peterbilt 348 trucks that improves overhead clearance for transporting chassis-mounted cranes in areas with low bridges and overpasses.

The Peterbilt 348 6x6 with extended cab is a popular platform to mount an overhead crane for use by utility and construction companies, Fontaine said. The extended cab provides room to store tools and equipment, but its roof design also increases overall cab height. This causes a crane in transportation mode to sit too high to safely travel under 14-foot bridges found in western US states, forcing fleets to potentially plan travel routes that avoid such bridges.

To address the issue, Fontaine developed a modification to lower the cab roof by 5½ inches to accommodate bridge clearance for a truck equipped with a chassis-mounted crane that has been folded over the cab roof for transport. This modification allows the truck’s overall height to be low enough to pass under 14-foot bridges while maintaining the same amount of headroom as in the day cab.

“We’re really happy with the resulting cab modifications,” said Dan Jaynes, vice president of product development at Fontaine. “When interior headliner and sidewall panels are modified to fit a custom application like this one, it is often difficult to make the interior meet high quality appearance standards after the work is completed.

“We were able to accomplish that goal while maintaining the structural integrity of the roof.”

Fontaine Modification

Fontaine said this modification is ideal for markets that require:

  • An extended cab to carry more equipment or people.
  • A crane arm or other aerial equipment to be transported over the cab roof in locations with a 14-foot bridge law.
  • Driver headroom clearance that is comparable to the standard day cab.

Fontaine developed the modification in the company’s Charlotte Innovation Center. The initial two trucks also were modified at the Charlotte facility. Current production is at the Garland TX modification center near the Peterbilt manufacturing plant.

For more information, call 800.366.8246 or visit

Fontaine Garland Texas

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