Maintainer introduces new fire, rescue truck bodies

Maintainer Custom Bodies (MCB) recently added two new truck bodies, dubbed the Super Squad and the Spitfire, to its line of rescue and emergency vehicles.

The Super Squad is a 9-foot walk-around body designed for quick response and easy maneuverability travelling to a scene.

“We are getting numerous requests for a smaller response vehicle that still has storage for key items needed initially at the scene,” said Tom Leckband, MCB’s national sales manager. “The Super Squad has twice the storage space than popular conversion vehicles. This versatile vehicle can be used by a battalion chief to command a scene, a paramedic squad to move in medical equipment and supplies, or as a fly car to respond more quickly to life-threatening situations.”

The all-aluminum body construction with 10-year structural warranty boasts more than 2,000 pounds of reserve capacity. There are six identical body compartments, each with adjustable shelving, LED strip lighting and Zolatone finish. The rear compartment features a 1,000-pound SlideMaster roll-out tray.

“Because the Super Squad can be mounted on a Ford F-350 or similar chassis, a department will have a lower acquisition cost than a standard walk-around rescue,” Leckband said.

Super Squad

The Spitfire is a smaller 9-foot Quick Attack body manufactured differently from MCB’s existing Quick Attack models.

“The Spitfire is an amalgamation of a Maintainer Service Body and the MCB Quick Attack,” Leckband said. “The result is a smaller, economical, yet high-quality vehicle designed to get to the scene and apply water or foam before things escalate.”

The Spitfire MCB recently displayed at FDIC International 2019 featured a custom 425-gallon water tank in the center deck along with a CET Fire Pumps skid system featuring a Honda 20-horsepower gas pump, Kubota 21-horsepower diesel pump, Trident “Foamate” foam system, Hannay booster reels, a control panel with pump and engine controls, and tank level gauges.

The compartments on each side of the body are 54 inches tall and 23 inches deep, and secured with swing doors with gas springs, EPDM automotive weather-stripping, and three-point D-ring compression latches. LED strip lights and adjustable shelving help improve on-scene efficiency.

MCB  said another Spitfire configuration will be available with a 300-gallon tank, allowing for a transverse compartment nearest to the cab. The Spitfire is designed for Ford, Ram or Chevrolet chassis.

“In addition to fire crews, we have also seen interest in this type of vehicle from the oil industry,” Leckband said. “Many private companies need to have fire prevention or suppression readily available. We will offer a service version without the emergency warning lights or sirens to accommodate that application.”

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