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H8524 service crane

Maintainer Corp introduces H8524 hydraulic service crane

Maintainer Corporation of Iowa recently added a new hydraulic crane with maximum lift capacity of 8,500 pounds to its line of work truck cranes.

The company said its new H8524 telescopic crane has a reach of 24 feet, 6 inches.  

“This is the second 8,500-pound crane we have released this year,” said Tom Wibben, director of sales and service for Maintainer. “The H8530 released in March helped fill the gap between our 10,000- and 7,000-pound cranes.

“Now this new H8524 will allow customers to conserve more payload on a Class 6 chassis, as well as some of the new 2020 commercial chassis models coming soon.”

The new crane touts a 52,500-foot-pound crane rating and a boom-mounted planetary winch, Maintainer said. It is recommended that the crane be mounted on a chassis with a minimum gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 22,000 pounds. A dual-outrigger package is available in conjunction with the H8524 for greater stability.

The H8524 also features Advanced Crane Control 2.0. The upgraded safety and performance features in ACC 2.0 include better visibility of lifting loads and error codes if instability with a lift is detected, the company said. The proportional wireless remote integrates with a new switch panel assembly using a CAN System to improve operator efficiency.

The Model H8524 also includes the following features:

  • Low profile boom—no need for flip sheave
  • Tall and short tower configurations
  • Total operational range 91° (-13° to +78°)
  • OSHA 1910.180/ANSI B30.5 compliant
  • Closed-center/load sensing hydraulic system (open center optional)
  • 615° of boom rotation
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