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Mack has added a variety of features to simply the installation of truck bodies and equipment
<p>Mack has added a variety of features to simply the installation of truck bodies and equipment. </p>

Mack makes upfitter-friendly changes

MACK Trucks has made its offerings more upfitter-friendly with body builder center consoles on the Granite and Terrapro Cabover, Body Link III and pass thru, assignable switches, body lamp, junction blocks, and body builder tie-in connectors on the Granite, and Control Link II and BOC connectors on the TerraPro Cabover.

Stuart Russoli, construction marketing product manager, said the idea behind BodyLink III was to keep it simple.

“Power and lighting circuits are included,” he said. “PTO inputs and remote speed control inputs to V-MAC IV are provided as well as neutral and park brake signals. Wiring is attached for the optional BodyLamp and assignable switch pack.

“There is a new option for six assignable dash rocker switches. Switches match the existing Mack ‘D’ panel rockers with provisions for a removable plastic insert. The inserts carry the icon or text functions common to dump and refuse bodybuilders. The switches provide a 12-volt output to the BodyLink III pins #8-14.

“BodyLamp is carried over for US10. It illuminates when a body builder input signal thru BodyLink III is grounded. Typically it is used to alert drivers that the body is in an up or partially up position.”

He said the Control Link II’s basic components consist of an in-cab 29-pin power supply/electronics connector and a BOC nine-pin lighting connector. If it’s a TerraPro Cabover, a body builder console and a convenient pass-thru plategrommet for harnesses are also included.

The TerraPro Cabover body builder console color and texture match the interior. The console includes a flat front cover plate. If the micro-controller (PLC) is remotely mounted, then there are no exposed harnesses.

If Control Link II is specified, the body builder console is automatically included. The console houses the body builder control lamps, switches, and buttons. The 29-pin connector comes up underneath and is concealed.

The BOC nine-pin connector is located along the right side frame rail. It provides basic lighting circuits, including independent stop (brake) and turn signals, plus neutral and reverse signals. On the MRU, this nine-pin connector is also available as standalone (non-refuse) called “Body Power.”

New for 2013 are mRide suspensions, Twin Y suspension, and a jacketed chassis harness.

The Mack mRIDE suspension features: lighter than Camel back; Mack C150/151 carriers; Mack Cast axles S402R, S462R, and S522R; full clearance of 315/80R22.5 tires; and superior articulation with stable ride and roll rate.

It’s available on Pinnacle AF, Granite, Titan, and TerraPro, and is now in production.

Russoli said the DEF Quality Sensor is an ultrasound-based platform that measures the speed of sound of the fluid being present in the DEF tank.

“It detects if diesel fuel is present in the DEF tank and alarms the DEF dosing pump, enabling it to stop injection of diesel and thereby preventing hazardous situations,” he said. “It detects any non-compliance DEF—32.5% urea and 67.5% demineralized water by weight—and instructs the dosing unit to stop injection, thereby preventing any non-compliance DEF from entering the catalyst.”

The Off-Board Diagnostic Connector receptacle changes for 2013 to SAE J1962. Export vehicles (eg, Latin and South America) with pre-EPA 2010 emissions level are not affected. Also, Australia is not currently affected.

“It’s being done because changing to an alternate HD-OBD protocol provides higher bandwidth for engine software download and future expansion capabilities,” he said. “Engine software download speed improved 38%. Regulatory demand matches the connector to the HD-OBD protocol.”

In terms of aftermarket tools, Russoli said VCADS will be become legacy (frozen). TECH TOOL 2 will be required for all 2013 Mack-engine-equipped vehicles.

“VCADS cannot be used for 2013 Mack-engine-equipped vehicles,” he said. “TECH TOOL 2 is backwards compatible and can be used on vehicles equipped with EPA-2010 engines and prior. New hardware is required for connection to the vehicle.”

He said 2007-2013 Thermal Regenerative DPF, on the TerraPro only, provides a cleaner, lighter, and less complicated DPF and aftertreatment system.

He said Mack HD OBD-13, the heavy-duty On-Board Diagnostics system, is an extension of the OBD rules to the heavy-duty industry.

“It’s been available in passenger cars for many years now and is beginning to be used, starting in 2010, on heavy-duty engines,” he said. “It’s an on-board diagnostics system in the engine controller that’s designed to detect any component failure anywhere on the vehicle that could affect emissions. HD-OBD is being implemented as a means to verify that the emissions standards set forth by the EPA and CARB are being met.

“All models featuring Mack engines that are to be registered for service in the US and Canada are affected. HD-OBD regulations are harmonized between the US and Canada. All other Mack-engine-equipped vehicle models with emissions level prior to EPA-2010 and intended for export markets are excluded. All heavy vehicle and engine OEMs in North America must abide by the same set of legal requirements with regards to the HD-OBD regulation.” ♦


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