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WalkBox Unloader KEITH

KEITH WalkBox named World Ag Top-10 New Product

KEITH Manufacturing's WalkBox Unloader recently was selected as a winner in the World Ag Expo’s Top-10 New Products Competition.

The WalkBox Unloader is a smaller version of the company’s WALKING FLOOR system, installed on a standard cab/chassis. It incorporates WALKING FLOOR technology, which is a series of floor slats powered by a hydraulic drive that “walks” material out the back of the truck body, with no tipping. Unlike a typical dump or tipping unit, the WalkBox system is designed to safely unload under utility cables and trees, as well as inside buildings.

The WalkBox system has a multi-ton capacity, and can haul and unload bulk, baled and palletized goods. Because the horizontal unloading can be controlled, unlike the all-or-nothing action of a dump box, the WalkBox system can consistently meter material out the back or deliver partial loads.

“Industries benefiting from the WalkBox unloader include landscaping, farming, nurseries, golf courses, road maintenance and any other application where a smaller footprint is needed,” the company said. “The system can also deliver sand, gravel and fill materials to ecologically sensitive areas that cannot be served by larger vehicles.”

The WalkBox Unloader emerged as a top-10 product out of more than 80 entries this year. For a complete list of winners, visit

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