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Acela extreme duty chassis

General Truck Body to distribute Acela’s Monterra 6x6 chassis

Acela Truck Company and General Truck Body recently formed a strategic partnership to distribute Acela Monterra extreme-duty truck chassis.

The two companies are partnering to offer what they call “North America’s most capable trucks,” expanding Acela Truck Company’s growing distribution footprint and General Truck Body’s growing product offerings, particularly into the high-water/flood rescue, firefighting and pipeline construction markets.

“We’re thrilled to have General Truck Body representing our high-mobility Monterra flood rescue trucks and truck chassis lines,” said David Ronsen, president of Acela Truck. “General Truck Body understands the needs of their customers and has a reputation as one of the highest-quality truck body solution providers in the USA.

“By working together, an increasing number of fire departments, municipalities and commercial entities will be able to significantly increase their operational capabilities and productivity with our high-mobility trucks.”  

General Truck Body also planned to introduce a modified Acela Monterra 6x6 High Water/Flood Rescue Truck in April.

“General Truck Body is excited to add the Acela Monterra line of truck chassis to our product offerings,” said Glen Maikranz, president of the custom division of General Truck Body. “With flooding events becoming almost commonplace, we felt that offering the Monterra 6x6 High Water Flood Rescue Vehicle as our first-line vehicle would be ideal for our emergency response customer base.

“With a growing number of agencies regularly affected by flooding and growing tired of repurposing older, unreliable military trucks, we are seeing a much greater demand for modern, purpose-built flood rescue trucks.

“The Acela Monterra, with its 46-inch tires, all-wheel-drive, 50-inch water fording capability and central tire inflation system, has proven to be the perfect solution for flood rescue response and can easily, serve double-duty, as a wildland/brush truck outside of flood/hurricane season. We’re also excited to start launching several lines of brush trucks and pipeline service vehicles on the Monterra chassis”  

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