EZ STAK adds pre-configured van body interior packages

EZ STAK, a manufacturer of commercial vehicle storage systems, recently added four pre-configured van body interior packages to its product line.

The company made the packages available through upfitters and OEMs across the US, making it easier for the end user to select an interior workspace and have it completely upfitted and ready to go at the point of sale, eliminating the responsibility of designing and spec-ing the interior space.

With the demand for commercial vans, there also is a need for more standardized options for purchasers within the commercial vehicle market, EZ STAK said.

“We value how essential time is to our customers,” said Paul Lawrenson, EZ STAK’s director of business development.

“We’ve paid attention to the designs most frequently requested by our customers and turned it into four pre-configured layouts, which enables us to get the finished vehicle to our customers even faster.”

EZ STAK’s pre-configured packages provide multiple benefits. All packages are made of North American aluminum, which weighs 40 percent less than steel, so it can reduce your fuel costs and increase payload.

All layouts are designed with cost in mind, ensuring one of these packages will fit any budget. But if none of them will work, customers can build their own layout from a list of standard EZ STAK cabinets.

While the standard packages will provide a streamlined solution to the ordering process, EZ STAK will continue to work one-on-one to deliver any configurable solution to meet the unique needs of its customers.

For more information, visit ezstak.com/van-body-interior-packages or download EZ STAK’s van body packages brochure.


EZ STAK recently added four new pre-configured van body interior packages, including this one.


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