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Wheeled Coach unveils new Type II Ford Transit van

Nov. 15, 2019
Wheeled Coach recently debuted a new Type II Transit van in Nashville TN.

Wheeled Coach, part of ambulance manufacturer REV Group, recently debuted a new Type II Transit van in Nashville TN.

Designed and developed after a year of research and significant voice-of-customer (VOC) input from dealers around the country, the new Wheeled Coach Type II Transit van will replace the existing configuration, the company said.

The new Wheeled Coach Ford Transit features more cabin space than comparable vans on the market, Wheeled Coach claimed. Emergency providers who use Type II Transit vans generally sit in their trucks up to 12 hours a day, so the cab wall was moved back 4 to 6 inches, which allows the cab seats to recline for added comfort.

To further maximize space, the van features an aluminum interior and cabinetry, instead of the standard ¾-inch plywood. Not only is this easier to clean and disinfect, it widens the aisle space to 41 inches, and gives the emergency provider more access to the patient, the company maintained.

A move from Ducted AC to Free-Flow AC increased the headroom for more height, now at 69 inches. The Free-Flow AC system is also more effective in hotter climates and helps ensure greater airflow in the cab. In addition, the oxygen system was relocated to the rear of the truck, allowing for ease of access to the oxygen cylinders and the ability to exchange tanks at the rear of the ambulance.

Other enhancements include a durable Diamond Plate Bumper at the vehicle rear, not typically found in Transit Vans, providing a better stepping service for emergency providers, and the Per4Max seat belt system on the seatbench, which affords the flexibility for providers to move about while staying safely restrained in case of a collision.

“We have listened to our customers’ needs and have designed a new Transit Van which is crew-centric, designed from front to back to give more room in width, headroom and cab room for a more comfortable and safer environment,” said Anoop Prakash, president of the ambulance division at REV Group.

“We are sure this new model will delight the end-user.”