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Ekeri’s side-opening body makes Alexander's loading easy

July 16, 2019
Alexanders Removals and Storage says its Ekeri side-opening rigid vehicle still is going strong.

London, England’s Alexanders Removals and Storage says its Ekeri side-opening 18-tonne (19.8-US ton) rigid vehicle still is going strong after two years of heavy use.

Ekeri specializes in side-opening trailer and body designs, and manufactures semi-trailers, stepframe semi-trailers, city semi-trailers, center-axle trailers and truck bodies. Alexanders says its Ekeri side-opening body helped it improve loading flexibility and reduce the need for costly maintenance and repairs.

The rigid-sided body is equipped with six doors that open along the body length on the curb side and lock centrally. For secure loading, Ekeri’s lashing-strap system runs along each side of the floor and both walls.

“The Ekeri body has more than proved itself ,and despite a demanding operation, has neither deteriorated nor required any looking after—useful factors when it comes to keeping downtime low and ensuring a good return on investment,” said Richard Lear, general manager at Alexanders, which provides removal and storage service.

The Ekeri vehicle is designed to allow access at any point along the load bed, from the near side or rear, saving handling time and avoiding the need to move items around or off-load through the rear to reach any part of the load.

Manufactured by Ekeri in Finland, the GRP-skinned body also is equipped with side and rear ramps for easy access, Ekeri said.

“If required, we can load 20 pallets or five of our large storage boxes through the sides and rear,” Lear said. “And as there are no posts in the way, we have unrestricted access with a loading length of 8,150 millimeters (321 inches) and a height of 2,740 millimeters (108 inches).”

Formed in 2002 by husband and wife team Alex and Sam Pope, Alexanders’ diverse range of services includes tailored removals planning, individual packing, dismantling office equipment, schools, home cleaning, IT services, antiques care, insurance cover and secure self-storage.

“The Ekeri body is perfect for mixed loads and multi-drop/collections where a certain degree of security is required,” Lear said. “Add to that, its hard-wearing, low-maintenance components, and we have efficiency and reliability rolled into one.

“(It’s) good for us and good for our customers too.”

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