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Tata Motors unveils new range of ULTRA BUVs in Vietnam

June 19, 2019
Tata Motors recently launched a new line of ULTRA Business Utility Vehicles (BUVs) in Vietnam

Tata Motors, the largest automobile manufacturer in India, recently launched a new line of ULTRA Business Utility Vehicles (BUVs) it says are designed to meet changing customer needs in the light commercial vehicle segment in Vietnam.

“It’s a BUV offering an SUV-like comfort with a truck-like performance and the profitability of a light commercial vehicle,” the company claimed.

Touted features include a “comfortable, world-class cabin,” heavy-duty aggregates and multiple load-body configurations, offering customers increased productivity and longer life. The new BUVs are intended for use with payloads ranging from 4.4 to 12.1 US tons, with engine capacities from 85 to 180 horsepower.

“The Tata Ultra Business Utility vehicle is a result of extensive feedback from customers and an immersive study into the lives of drivers to better understand their expectations, and is thereby designed to fast-track their businesses with superior all-round performance,” said Girish Wagh, president of commercial vehicles at Tata.

“Tata Motors is committed to shaping the industry here in Vietnam, with the latest global technologies, giving the Vietnamese customer competitive business advantages with the trusted credentials of the Tata Motors brand.”

Bui Van Huu, chairman of the TMT Group, which manufactures, assembles and distributes commercial vehicles in Vietnam as TMT Motors, said the Tata ULTRA launch follows the successful debut of the Tata Super Ace in Vietnam.

“We are very excited and we hope to consolidate our position in the light-duty commercial vehicle space here in Vietnam with the Tata Ultra,” Huu said. “TMT Motors aims to become a market leader in Vietnam CV market with Tata Motors products.”

Tata says ULTRA BUVs deliver “ultra performance, ultra comfort and style, and ultra safety.”

Ultra performance: The driveline of the Tata ULTRA 814 has Tata’s proven engine technology—the 3-liter Common Rail Engine Euro 4, with an output of 140 horsepower, designed to ensure maximum uptime and reduce maintenance costs. A new G-550 transmission with aluminum casing features a six-speed gear-box with overdrive, cable-shift mechanism and reduced weight. The straight frame modular chassis, available in 3,920 millimeters (154 inches) is customizable for multi-purpose loads, providing flexibility and versatility. It also has a factory-fitted HVAC system.

Ultra comfort and style: The Tata ULTRA’s cockpit is functional and attractive, the company said. Designed by Bertone, a leading European design house, the walkthrough cabin features a width of 2.2 meters, three-way adjustable mechanically suspended seats, an ergonomically designed dash-mounted gear lever, and panoramic windscreen with better line of sight and ample storage space. The “smartly designed” instrument cluster offers a fuel economy indicator, ideal gearshift indicator, water-in-fuel indicator and more. The vehicle also offers fitment for accessories, including GPS tracking.

Ultra safety: The Ultra meets Europe’s top safety norms and is equipped with a full air brake system, ABS and power steering, Tata said, along with clear lens headlamps and LED-integrated tail lamps for superior visibility. The truck comes with a three-year or 200,000-kilometer (124,000-mile) driveline warranty and is available in Arctic White, Arizona Blue and Sardinia Red.