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Heil Ready Truck Program expedites refuse truck delivery

May 28, 2019
Heil now is offering the Ready Truck Program, which it created to alleviate issues caused by delays in the delivery of new trucks.

Heil, a US manufacturer of refuse collection bodies and equipment, and part of Environmental Solutions Group and Dover, now is offering the Ready Truck Program, which the company created to alleviate issues caused by delays in the production and delivery of new garbage trucks.

“Waste haulers, whether private, public or municipal, don’t have the luxury of waiting months for a truck,” said Larry Angel, general manager of Ready Truck. “If you have a new contract, or have lost a truck due to an accident or fire, patience just isn’t an option. If they aren’t able to get a truck on the route within a short period of time, the impact to their bottom line can be substantial.

“The Heil Ready Truck Program enables us to deliver the trucks our customers need, when and where they need them.”

Ready Truck features a wide array of completed garbage trucks, in stock and ready for immediate delivery, Heil said.

“We always have 25 to 30 completed trucks on the ground and ready for delivery,” Angel said. “We’ve been doing this for so long, we are able to anticipate the needs of our customers, and work extremely hard to ensure that we have the most popular configurations in stock and ready to roll.

“If the configuration of the stock truck meets the customer requirement, they can ship almost immediately.”

For customers in immediate need of a vehicle with specifications not reflected in stock inventory, Ready Truck, the company said.

“With vehicles always in production at the factory, we are able to modify a build, but delivery is then based on standard factory throughput,” Angel said. “Customers needing product right now are encouraged to choose from our wide assortment of configured vehicles ready to ship.”

Heil’s sales team, skilled workforce and state-of-the-art production facility, which provides a full array of services, including frame modifications, mechanical and hydraulic work, and custom fabrication, are equipped to provide superior quality for every aspect of refuse truck design and construction, the company maintained.

In addition to quick delivery times, Ready Truck’s volume purchasing also can help customers save money.

“We are one of the largest chassis purchasers in the United States,” Angel said. “Many people have become aware that we are able to provide trucks very quickly, but when they find out that we pass our volume pricing on to the end user, it makes dealing with Ready Truck a no-brainer.”

To learn more or locate a nearby dealer, visit heil.com and click on “Dealer Locator” or call toll free at 1 (800) ASK-HEIL.