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Sage Oil Vac redesigns lube trucks for operator needs

Feb. 15, 2019
Sage Oil Vac, based in Amarillo TX, recently introduced a redesigned lineup of Sage Oil Vac lube trucks.

Sage Oil Vac, based in Amarillo TX, recently introduced a redesigned lineup of lube trucks that it says addresses operator concerns, and provides the tools and technology needed to make the most efficient use of their time.

The new trucks are available for Classes 5, 7 and 8.

The Class 5 version, built on a Ford F550 or Ram 5500 truck, provides a new option for operators without a commercial driver’s license (CDL), allowing managers for construction contractors and service technicians to manage work with a smaller, less expensive truck. Sage said this is a key feature at a time when a changing workforce includes fewer operators with a CDL, and the market for drivers with a CDL is tight.  

“It’s harder to find CDL drivers, so a lot of companies—especially in the oil fields in West Texas—are looking for non-CDL applications,” a Sage representative said. “So, if you’re looking for a lube-only truck, these Class 5 trucks can help meet the same need without that license. A lot of the big OEM dealers are using these trucks for oil, but not fuel, to conduct maintenance for rental fleet customers.”

The new design of the Sage lube trucks includes panels and components that provide more solid, seamless coverage of the tools and materials the trucks are transporting, helping promote the cleanest possible jobsite and prevent possible issues with spills that can attract punitive regulatory attention, Sage said.

“You don’t see all the equipment and oil, and we do that for two reasons: First, the more you can make these trucks look nice and better shield oil and tools from view, the better,” the company said. “And many of these OEM dealers are selling service, so they want to put a wrap or decal across the entire side of the truck with their name on it to maximize their brand’s visibility.

“These better-covered trucks with more seamless designs make it easier to do that.”

Another component of the redesign is more aluminum integrated into the chassis and components for weight savings, helping operators who face regulatory and supply management issues with heavy lube trucks, Sage said. Also, some parts and components have been shifted to different locations for better weight balance across the front and rear axles.

“Weight is always a challenge, so we redesigned these trucks to optimize weight for a better center of gravity,” the company said. “And we’re building more items out of aluminum for weight savings. There is a lot more aluminum going into these trucks and other machinery across the industry.

“The market is more accepting of it. We are using steel where we need steel and aluminum where we need aluminum.”

In addition to Sage’s pressure and vacuum delivery system that eliminates diaphragm and piston pumps, the new lube trucks integrate new tech that helps track and manage maintenance. Via a touchscreen monitor, operators can track how much fluid and/or fuel is going to each machine on a jobsite.

“Operators can assign or record gallons of fluids, then dump it onto a USB drive or CSV file to enable the customer to get live reporting,” the company said. “You can see how much fuel and oil you’re distributing to each piece of equipment. It really helps larger OEM dealers work more efficiently since they don’t have to go around a jobsite and ask machine operators if they need fuel or oil. It takes that step out of the process.”

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