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High-tech distributor turns to Ekeri for side-loading body

Feb. 12, 2019
European trailer manufacturer Ekeri recently delivered a new side-loading body to Paul Ponsonby Ltd.

Ekeri, a European manufacturer of “easy-loading” side-opening semi-trailers, box trailers and truck bodies, recently delivered to Paul Ponsonby Limited a body the company says combines the flexibility of side-loading with the high security of a conventional box van.

Paul Ponsonby handles and distributes “high-value” electronics equipment.

The Ekeri body, mounted onto a 26-tonne (28.7 US tons) Mercedes Actros chassis, features six curbside doors that allow free access to any cargo on the vehicle, along with full-closure 3-tonne (3.3 tons) cantilever tail lift to rear.

Furthermore, with 21-Euro pallet capacity and a high internal load capability of 2,850 millimeters (112.2 inches), the multiple load restraint points and padded side rails make the vehicle ideal for transporting high value items such as data and telecom racks, UPS systems, large format printers and medical equipment.

“Our reputation is built on the safe and secure handling of valuable and sensitive goods,” a Paul Ponsonby representative said. “And to help maintain this, we need to rely on the very best transport equipment. Accordingly, we are a long-term user of Ekeri bodies, and in addition to the three rigids and one trailer currently in the fleet, we have a fourth rigid in the pipeline.”

Each side-loading Ekeri body comes with a high-impact floor, “great” side-locker boxes and a high standard of build, Paul Ponsonby said. The company also says the vehicles have a long life expectancy and are “virtually” maintenance-free.

“The Ekeri equipment has been very well accepted by our customers,” Ponsonby said. “The easy side-opening, flexibility and security means we can carry virtually any type of load with the sort of speed and efficiency our customers expect.”

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