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Venturo develops crane safety management system

Jan. 25, 2019
Company says hydraulic service crane operators will benefit from its new VLC controls

Venco Venturo Industries recently developed a crane safety management system called Venturo Logic Control (VLC), which is designed to provide safe crane operations for operators.

The company said its new technologically advanced safety system for the service truck industry is based on European-style Programmable Logic Control (PLC) systems, which give users “greater control and safety features by using multiple sensors and user feedback functions with proprietary logic programming.”

“This technology has been a long time coming and Venturo has developed its own system,” the company said.

Features of this new system include vehicle stability/grade indications, overload protection, wireless or CAN communication, and multiple alerts and displays utilizing lights, controller vibrations and screen text.

As part of the new VLC system, operators will receive an all-new wireless-remote, pistol-grip controller as a standard feature for all proportionally controlled Venturo hydraulic service cranes. The VLC controller offers “more comfort and less fatigue,” with more than 60 hours of battery life, four-line, 20-character screen display, (7) two-way toggle switches, (4) momentary push buttons, vibration and LCD display alerts, with 2.4GHz wireless or wired cable operation.

Precision overload-protection is designed to increase the operator’s safety by controlling and preventing any type of overload on the service crane. This feature results in a lighter-weight crane that increases service-truck payload capacity.

Multiple safety and capacity alerts warn operators of malfunction or overloads. The VLC system features (4) different types of alerts: 

  • LCD display screen text
  • Transmitter handle vibrations
  • Green/yellow/red alert light located on the underside of the boom
  • Corresponding lights on the wireless receiver

Venturo said its VLC crane control management system will be a standard feature on its entire line of hydraulic service cranes.

For more information, visit or call 1 800 226 2238.