A Texas fire department recently ordered 13 custom-built fire apparatus from Spartan ER, the company said, including two aerials like this one for city of Tyler.

Texas fire department orders custom Spartan apparatus

Dec. 11, 2018
Spartan ER recently received an order for 13 custom fire apparatus to be delivered to a metropolitan fire department in Texas.

Spartan Emergency Response, a business unit of Spartan Motors, recently received an order for 13 custom fire apparatus to be delivered to a metropolitan fire department in Texas.

The company says the order includes nine custom-built engines, one high-pressure engine for downtown high-rise operations, two 105-foot aerials and one 100-foot rear mount platform.

“An order of this significance reflects our legacy and leadership in designing solutions that allow first responders to protect the communities they serve with great efficiency and in an optimally safe work environment,” said Daryl Adams, president and chief executive officer at Spartan Motors. “We are constantly working to satisfy evolving firehouse needs for vehicle safety, speed, agility, ergonomics and serviceability.

“We are pleased to have been selected and we are confident Spartan Motors will help first responders in Texas in the line of duty.”

Spartan was selected for this order in part because of its ability to produce customized apparatus designed to meet the specific needs of fire departments in Texas. Many environmental and operational factors were considered to ensure optimal performance and firefighter safety in extreme conditions, the company said.

The aerials will provide departments with “industry-leading” load ratings and water flow capabilities, as well as several additional features that make them highly efficient and reliable. Both pumpers and aerials include Spartan’s Independent Front Suspension (IFS)—a feature that provides a higher level of control and maneuverability that is ideal for carrying the heaviest of loads while maneuvering safely through crowded intersections and tight corners.

All units are custom built on a Spartan chassis featuring a high engine air intake, new enhanced air conditioning system and the Spartan Advanced Protection System (APS)—a smart occupant restraint and protection system designed specifically for emergency response vehicles. APS includes eight strategically placed airbags and outboard sensors that feed into an intelligent restraint control module to provide enhanced protection for the driver and occupants.