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Proterra to supply zero-emission EV buses in Georgia

Aug. 22, 2018
The Georgia Department of Administrative Services recently selected Proterra to supply zero-emission battery-electric buses and charging stations.

The Georgia Department of Administrative Services recently selected Proterra, which specializes in heavy-duty electric transportation, as a vendor to supply zero-emission battery-electric buses and charging stations for Georgia’s Statewide Contract for Public Mass Transit & Transportation.

The state has 1,182 buses in operation, servicing customers with nearly 150 million trips per year, and those customers stand to benefit from the economic and environmental benefits of zero-emission bus technology, Proterra said.

“Implementing this forward-looking transportation initiative and policy is a huge win not only for Proterra and Georgia state institutions, but for EV adoption in the US,” said Ryan Popple, CEO of Proterra.

“We applaud the work of the state of Georgia and are eager to support the state’s efforts to accelerate the adoption of emission-free mass transit for all.”

Proterra, along with other manufacturers, was chosen by Georgia for a “pool of providers” to dramatically streamline local transit agencies’ access to the vendor and vehicle that best meets their specific transit system’s needs.

As a result, transit agencies now can purchase Proterra zero-emission buses and charging stations through the state’s pre-established contract. The deal is part of Proterra’s growing foothold across the southeast, following previously signed contracts with transit agencies in similar climates, including Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee.

Proterra's configurable EV platform, battery and charging options make its buses well-suited for a range of transit and campus routes. Designed for efficiency and manufactured for durability, the Proterra Catalyst E2 series achieves 22 MPGe, while conventional diesel buses average 3.86 MPG. And unlike the industry’s widely-used steel bus frames, Proterra's lightweight carbon-fiber-reinforced composite bus body maximizes vehicle life, while minimizing repairs and maintenance.

Catalyst buses are powered by Proterra chargers or other standards-based charging systems, because Proterra has a suite of high power DC fast chargers that comply with the EV industry’s technology standards, including J1772 CCS, J3105 and OCPP 1.6.

Proterra’s charging systems also are capable of bi-directional, vehicle-to-grid power flow to maximize energy management capabilities and enable transit agencies to more easily achieve 100-percent electric bus fleets.

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