Upfitters came prepared, as usual, to take the measure of the latest commercial vehicle offerings.

Truck Product Conference previews coming chassis changes

Dec. 8, 2017
Coverage from the recent NTEA Truck Product Conference, a look at the critical details of new and coming-soon equipment from the chassis manufacturers, and what the changes mean for upfitters and truck body builders.

Novi, MI. For upfitters, the development is in the details. And truck OEMs were more than willing and able to provide the latest information on next year’s vehicles here at the 2017 NTEA Truck Product Conference.

In keeping with the traditional format, although at a different venue this year, OEMs rolled out slide decks dense with specs and diagrams only fellow engineers and technicians could love.

But the real business, or fun, begins when attendees moved outside to the exhibit tent to get their hands—and tape measures—on the vehicles.

Over meals and in the convention center hallways, attendees posed questions to the OEM technical experts, and many of the answers to their vehicle design issues will find a way into next year’s updates.

All of the truck makers emphasized the importance of understanding how to access the upfitter and body-builder resources available on their websites, including the latest product bulletins, and many now offer apps for info on the go. Several also noted new CAD data format options.

Additional information, including the OEM slide presentations, are available on the NTEA website. Members may also access a webinar presented by Bob Raybuck, NTEA’s director of technical services, that addresses the new cab/truck frame configurations and chassis ordering codes.

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