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Telematics standard on all Hino trucks

Dec. 1, 2016
The biggest change for Hino Trucks’ 2017 products involves telematics and connected vehicle systems that now come standard on all trucks. Major product enhancement for model-year 2017 is essentially software enhancement

The biggest change for Hino Trucks’ 2017 products involves telematics and connected vehicle systems that now come standard on all trucks.

“Our major product enhancement for model-year 2017 is essentially a software enhancement. We introduced Insight, our connectivity solution, as standard for all models,” says Adrian Ratza, marketing manager at Hino Trucks. “This is groundbreaking in that it is a major step for us in transitioning what was once a truck solution to what is now a true transportation solution with the Hino product.”

Hino Insight includes telematics—Telogis provides that system—as well as remote diagnostics and case management services. Standard Hino Insight comes with one year of telematics (buyers also have two- and four-year options), five years of remote diagnostics, and five years of case management.

Hino said the telematics portion of the software picks up diagnostic trouble codes, or DTCs, from a truck as they occur. Trouble codes are transmitted to Hino and the truck’s owner, and remote diagnostics—performed in real time by technicians and diagnostics software—determine what the problem is and the severity. The system can coordinate with the owner, dealer providing service, and Hino to set up necessary shop time and ensure needed repair parts are available.

Other Hino notes:

• The newest of the Hino lineup, the 155 cabover three-passenger and 155 DC double cab, offer 14,500-lb gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) and are powered by Hino’s J05E 5L turbo diesel making 210 hp and 440 lb-ft of torque. The 195 and 195 DC models up max GVWR to 19,500 lbs and carry the same powerplant, while the 238 gets a 6-cylinder, 8L diesel with 230 hp and 520 lb-ft of torque. That engine is standard on the 258 and 268 models, but an 8L diesel with 260 hp and 660 lb-ft of torque is optional. The larger engine is standard on the top of the lineup, the 338.

• Emission control system maker Clean Diesel Technologies (CDTi) sealed a supply agreement deal with Hino to distribute its DuraFit brand of diesel particulate filters (DPFs) and diesel oxidation catalysts (DOCs) through Hino’s 300 North American dealerships.

Designed and manufactured in North America, CDTi’s DuraFit DPFs and DOCs are aftermarket components constructed to replace original equipment units..

According to market analysis firm Power System Research, North American OEMs have produced an average of 250,000 heavy duty on-road diesel vehicles equipped with DPFs and DOCs each year since 2007 to comply with EPA exhaust emission mandates.

CDTI said the typical five-year OEM warranty on DPFs and DOCs has expired for many of these vehicles, which are now owned by second or third owners, with DPFs and DOCs expected to be replaced two or three times during the vehicle’s lifetime.

According to a 2012 industry report, the market for medium- and heavy-duty vehicle aftertreatment maintenance and repair is projected to grow to $3 billion by 2017, CDTi said.

• Hino announced the first seven dealerships to reach “Certified Ultimate” status in a new dealership excellence initiative. ♦

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