The Western Star 4700 lends itself to utility applications.

Inverted crossmembers for Western Star

Nov. 1, 2013
Inverted crossmembers for Western Star

WESTERN Star’s 4700, 4800, and 4900 models are now available with inverted afterframe crossmembers, which provide a channel for routing of harnesses, hoses, or other equipment without having to remove or relocate a crossmember.

Peter Schimunek and Tony McParland also presented other new product offerings:

•  Full variable remote throttle. Functions like an additional accelerator pedal, allowing control over infinite variable or preset engine speeds. Available on 4700, 4800, 4900. 4800/4900 must use following data codes (Detroit engines only): 148-071 engine remote interface with increment/decrement; 163-008 engine remote interface at back of cab with blunt cut wires; or 163-009 engine remote interface at end of frame with blunt cut wires; or 163-013 engine remote interface connector in cab between driver and passenger seats; 87l-001 engine remote interface with park brake interlock; 79U-998 no PTO governor ramp rate.

•  Allison 4700 RDS in 4700 chassis. Allison second reverse offers a second “deep reverse” in addition to the standard reverse to provide greater control and engine braking during operation on steep grades. It also enables more maneuverability when operating in confined spaces

•  Cummins ISL and Detroit DD13 engines. Now offered in Western Star 4700SF/SB models. Ideally suited for concrete mixer applications.

•  Split-shaft PTOs are available on 4800, 4900, 6900 chassis. The prep package for the split-shaft PTO provides optimized driveline angles for split-shaft PTO installation. With the prep kit, the driveshaft does not need to be completely replaced. A quote is required to review specification, and several data codes are associated with the Namco Prep: 377-801 prep kit for customer furnished, depending upon the components that the customer might provide.

•  Split-shaft PTOs also are offered for FABCO factory installations on the 4800, 4900, and 6900 models. Check with Western Star for the proper Fabco data codes.

•  Roll Stability Control (RSC) is available on the 4700, 4800, and 4900. This driver safety feature reduces potential roll over incidents. When rollover threshold is exceeded, RSC reduces engine torque, engages engine retarder, and applies drive axle and trailer brakes. Required data code: 49B-002 Roll Stability Control.

•  Electronic Stability Control (ESC). is available on the 4700, 4800, and 4900. This option offers increased protection from rollover, skidding, spinning, and jackknifing by automatically applying the brakes to help “steer” the vehicle where the driver intends to go. It is particularly valuable for high CG applications. First model was the 4700 in the fourth quarter, with the 4800/4900 to follow. It will be available for all 4x2, 6x4 trucks and tractors (some wheelbase restrictions apply). Western Star 8x4 and beyond will require additional design and validation work. ♦

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