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Reading Truck Body Expanding Aluminum CSV Line for 2015 Ford Transit

July 22, 2014
Reading Truck Body, LLC, is expanding its aluminum Classic Service Van (CSV) line with a version specifically designed for the 2015 Ford Transit.

Reading Truck Body, LLC, is expanding its aluminum Classic Service Van (CSV) line with a version specifically designed for the 2015 Ford Transit.

Ford’s euro-styled commercial van will be available in the all-new cutaway chassis, as well as a cab-chassis which will pair well with the CSV. Reading plans to offer 57" and 72" bodies, in single- and dual-wheel configurations for both chassis. The CSV is an effective commercial upfit for many vocational trades requiring secure, enclosed mobile work space.

The Reading CSV is built with recycled high-strength alloy aluminum. According to Alcoa, a global leader in lightweight metals technology, engineering and manufacturing, aluminum is infinitely recyclable, with nearly 75% of all aluminum produced still in use today. Recycling aluminum uses 95% less energy and produces 95% less greenhouse gases than producing metal from new materials.

This makes the Reading CSV a “greener” solution that is up to 50% lighter than steel. Because Reading is so confident in its aluminum products, they back them with a 10-year limited warranty. 

 “Aluminum is one of the most versatile metals used in manufacturing,” said Ken Spear, vice president of engineering. “That translates into new ways to think about being responsible and ultimately saving money―specifically because of lower overall GVWRs (gross vehicle weight ratings) and fuel efficiency.”

The new Ford Transit configured CSV will continue to offer the same industry-leading features that Reading customers have come to expect, such as patented hidden hinges, galvanized shelving, LED lighting, nitrogen strut door holders, secure rear and compartment doors, and stainless steel locks. Available options will also include Latchmatic and Latchmatic Smartshield keyless locking systems, as well as a three-bow ladder rack.

Also, Reading will participate in Ford’s Truth About Transit Tour beginning in New York, July 28-August 1. Dealers, upfitters and end-users can test-drive models on a closed course, designed to showcase the vehicle’s technology, handling and versatility. Additional dates to see Reading equipment include:

  • Cleveland, August 4-8
  • Houston, August 11-15
  • Dallas, August 18-22
  • Los Angeles, September 8-12

Craig Bonham, vice president of sales, is looking forward to the tour as a great way to educate the market about the new chassis, and anticipates high demand for Reading.

 “We are encouraging our customers to get their orders in early,” said Bonham. “The market is asking for a product that has enhanced ergonomics, maximizes payload and improves productivity, all while offering the best return on investment. The CSV paired with the Ford Transit product provides exactly that.”