Reading Truck Body, Curry Supply Form Partnership

March 5, 2014
Reading Truck Body LLC and Curry Supply Company have formed a strategic partnership.

Reading Truck Body LLC and Curry Supply Company have formed a strategic partnership that will bring significant advantages to the marketplace, as well as to each company.

With Curry Supply’s extensive global reach and strong ties with niche industries, Reading Truck Body will gain exposure and build relationships with a new segment of customers. And, with Reading Truck Body’s best-in-class line of truck bodies, Curry Supply will extend its commercial vehicle line-up into the light- and medium-duty service truck category.

The collaboration will provide more resources, expanded product portfolios and market reach for customers. For Reading Truck Body, a manufacturer of vocational truck bodies, the decision to partner with Curry Supply aligned with goals to strengthen the company’s distribution channel.

“Teaming with a like-minded company whose leaders share our fundamental beliefs in service, quality and value made this strategic decision easy to make,” said Brian Nadel, President and CEO at Reading Truck Body. “Opportunities to expand internationally, as well as support new industries, are now a reality―all as part of our ongoing commitment to increase value and deliver results for our customers.”

Extending an already-successful product line with a complementary offering was top-of-mind, when Curry Supply considered the advantages of a partnership.

“Curry Supply Company and Reading Truck Body both have solid reputations of providing top quality products in their respective segments,” said Jason Ritchey, President of Curry Supply Company. “Joining forces with Reading Truck Body will extend our portfolio of vocational bodies. We are excited about the opportunities this partnership presents for both companies.”