MacDonald Johnston To Unveil Australia’s First Hybrid Rear Loader

Sept. 6, 2011
MacDonald Johnston has teamed up with Hino Australia to develop Australia’s first Hybrid Rear Loader

MacDonald Johnston has teamed up with Hino Australia to develop Australia’s first Hybrid Rear Loader.

The UrBin (or Universal Rear Loading Binlifter) Hino Hybrid Rear Loader has been specifically designed as a low-impact refuse collection vehicle for use in built-up urban areas – particularly parks and gardens where truck noise may be an issue.

MacDonald Johnston Managing Director David Waldron said the industry first UrBin Hino Hybrid Rear Loader was the ideal machine to satisfy the needs of inner-city councils and private contractors who are concerned with reducing their environmental footprint.

“Many Rear Loaders operate day to day within park and garden areas where noise and CO2 pollution can be a major issue,” he said.

“Rear Loaders operating in these environments spend much of the day stationary or moving very slowly, which is where the hybrid system becomes most beneficial.”

“At low speeds, such as in parks and gardens, the Hino chassis’ diesel engine is assisted by the on-board electric engine, meaning it consumes less fuel than a similar conventional rear loader,” Hino Australia President Steve Lotter said.

“Combined with a significant reduction in nitrous oxide (NOx) and carbon dioxide emissions, the UrBin Hino Hybrid Rear Loader lessens overall operating costs, and ultimately the impact on the environment.”

The UrBin Hino Hybrid Rear Loader can be configured to handle several types of common waste receptacles, covering conventional waste, green waste and recyclable goods.

It can also be built to suit the specific needs of customers depending upon requirements.

“This is a great step forward for our industry,” Waldron said. “Not only is this an effective and affordable solution to fuel economy and emission issues, it is also an excellent opportunity for councils and private contractors to take a ‘greener’ approach to their daily waste collection service.

“By working with cab chassis suppliers like Hino Australia, we’re able to tailor the needs of this rear loader to suit the customer, bringing real environmental benefit at a price customers can afford.”