Jerr-Dan adds MPL-60 wrecker to medium-duty line

Jan. 29, 2024
Jerr-Dan's new wrecker features dual-side electro-hydraulic controls and hydraulic rear spades

Jerr-Dan, an Oshkosh Corporation company, introduced its new integrated medium-duty wrecker, the MPL-60. The MPL-60 is a 12-ton wrecker with a 6,000-lb. rated underlift. Key features include a modular aluminum body designed with storage and deck space, fully proportional, dual-side electro-hydraulic (EH) controls, and hydraulic rear spades with a multi-position, ground-compacting foot design.

“The new hydraulic rear spades with compacting feet make this a top-tier medium-duty recovery vehicle”, said senior product specialist Rich Guttmann, as these compacting spades add strength and stability to ensure that medium-duty recoveries are handled with precision.

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Additionally, the MPL-60 model offers an integrated recovery boom that has an extended capacity of 8,000 lbs. and a retracted capacity of 24,000 lbs. And the wrecker comes in dual 10,000- or 12,000-lb. winch options.

Finally, the MPL-60 can also be coupled with the Jerr-Dan Side Recovery System. Wired or wireless remote controls are available as options, and additional aftermarket options include aluminum dress-up kits, 24-in. aluminum lighted tunnel boxes, polished stainless rails, and a tow sling with mounting brackets.

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