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Wil-Ro highlights Q4, year-end achievements

Jan. 19, 2023
In 2022, the company introduced three new products to market, expanded its distributor network nationwide, and launched a new adventure trailer brand

Wil-Ro’s 2022 Year in Review report highlighted the Tennessee-based truck body and trailer manufacturer's strategic moves that delivered double-digit growth in its customer base.

Guided by a theme of innovation and customer relationships to overcome industry challenges, Wil-Ro introduced three new products to market, expanded its distributor network nationwide, and launched a new adventure trailer brand, TerraRover Overland Company.

Wil-Ro’s leadership looks to continue strong growth in 2023, the report noted.

New products from Wil-Ro in 2022 included:

  • Liberty Flatbed – combines design features of Wil-Ro’s Skirted and Utility Flatbeds
  • United Hotshot – modular-designed cargo and equipment transporter
  • Landscape Trailer – towable version of Wil-Ro’s most popular body Wil-Ro added these new flatbeds and trailer in response to customer feedback and interest

“In 2023, we aim to minimize quality errors and streamline efficiencies through technology investments to enhance our production process and productivity while driving innovation," said Lincoln Curry, designer engineer at Wil-Ro. “These efforts strive to boost our customers' utilization and performance for each truck body.”

The company added four new distributors / dealer partners in the fourth quarter:

  • All Out Custom Truck & Body – Richland and Stafford, Texas
  • Axton Truck Equipment – Cibolo, Texas
  • H&H Sales Company Inc. – Hunterstown, Indiana
  • Industrial Welding & Supply Co. – Sterling, Colorado

"Determination marked Q4 2022 for the Wil-Ro team, closing out a successful year that generated 56 percent year-over-year growth for our distributor network, now spanning 18 states,” said Katelyn McGuire, director of sales at Wil-Ro. “In collaboration with manufacturing, engineering, supply chain, and quality departments, our sales team was able to get shipments out the door and to our customers.

"We were fortunate to expand farther west, entering new markets including Colorado, while strengthening our presence in the South, Midwest, and Northwest. Wil-Ro will continue to provide the utmost quality in our products and customer service in 2023."

In partnership with Northpoint Commercial Finance, Wil-Ro offers exclusive financing options to all new distributor partners, according to the company. Additionally, Wil-Ro offers new distributor partners special deals on freight and volume discounts to offset industry challenges related to the supply chain.

Creativity at Wil-Ro saw the launch of TerraRover in August 2022, making a big splash in the outdoor adventure tourism market and being honored as 2022 Most Innovative New Recreational Trailer by the North American Trailer Dealers Association (NATDA).

"I'm really proud of both the Wil-Ro and TerraRover teams for the strides we made in 2022, and I share excitement for 2023 as we push for aggressive growth, seeking to add new Distributor Partners for each company,” said Joshua J. Coster, president and owner of Wil-Ro Inc. and TerraRover Overland Co. “Our success is a reflection of our customers’ success, and we are ramping up our efforts to gain insight from our partners to support quality, productivity, and innovation.”

Wil-Ro will be a returning exhibitor at NTEA Work Truck Week in March in Indianapolis, and NATDA Trailer Show in August in Nashville.

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