Photo: ClearFlame Engine Technologies
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Vander Haag’s Inc. partners with ClearFlame Engine Technologies

Oct. 6, 2022
The cross-industry partnership between the two companies is highlighting the capabilities of new technology to modify established machinery to the benefit of all involved

Vander Haag's Inc. partnered with ClearFlame Engine Technologies to begin installing heavy-duty truck engines that have been converted with ClearFlame’s technology to operate on clean, low-cost E98 ethanol fuel instead of diesel. ClearFlame, an Illinois-based company, developed the innovative technology that takes diesel fuel out of diesel engines, empowering rapid decarbonization for hard-to-electrify heavy-duty industries.

"Our company is always looking toward the future, seeking solutions that our customers can benefit from,” said John M. Vander Haag, president, Vander Haag’s. “As the transportation industry starts to shift towards decarbonization, we are taking the lead in finding practical solutions that are both cost-effective and easily implementable.”

Vander Haag's Inc., with nine locations throughout the Midwest, will serve as the vehicle integrator, reinstalling the ClearFlame engines into Class-8 trucks. In addition, Vander Haag's Inc. will also leverage their parts distribution network to provide components for the initial integration, as well as ongoing parts support.

“This partnership demonstrates how Vander Haag's Inc is looking to help implement new technology that is able to utilize existing infrastructure, such as fueling systems and, most importantly, our parts and service facilities,” continued Haag. “There is also far less training needed to work on engines operating on fuel agnostic platforms, which translates into even greater cost savings for our customers.”