Tiger Cranes / Dakota Body
Atw Tiger Crane Crane Body

CM, Dakota Bodies team with Tiger Cranes

May 17, 2022
Partnership designed to bring best-in-class safety technology to ATW brands' body offerings

American Trailer World has entered into a partnership with Tiger Cranes for new crane bodies from ARM brands CM Truck Beds and Dakota Bodies.

The crane bodies will feature triple-lined doors, heavy-duty decks, and available C Tech cabinets to allow users to customize their storage solutions, according to ATW. These units will also feature the newly released remote control door locks as an option. The new body is available in both 60" and 84" cab-to-axle configurations with tall front vertical boxes available on the curb side of the body.

"As users have demanded a more user-friendly crane body, our engineering and design teams have worked hard to develop a body that gives users many features while maintaining a price point that is palatable in the marketplace," said Joe Lewis, vice president of ATW Truck Equipment, parent company of CM Truck Beds and Dakota Bodies. "With the ability to plasma cut all crane platforms to seamlessly fit the Tiger Cranes assembly, we are significantly reducing installation time and therefore allowing our customers to get to work faster."

ATW is a leading manufacturer, distributor, and retailer of professional and consumer grade trailers, truck equipment, parts, and accessories, while Tiger Cranes, based in Sioux Center, Iowa, is the crane brand of Service Trucks International.