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Schwing S 43 Sx
Schwing S 43 Sx
Schwing S 43 Sx
Schwing S 43 Sx

Schwing America offers booms suitable for weight-restricted roads

June 10, 2021
Concrete contractors can now get longer booms on weight-limited highways with the new Minnesota seven-ton legal S 43 SX and S 47 SX III

This spring Schwing America extended the pumping season for concrete contractors with a newly designed chassis for S 43 SX and S 47 SX III that allows boom pump operators to drive on roads and highways with Minnesota seven-ton weight restrictions when spring frost laws are enforced, the company reports.

“At Schwing we work with our customers to handle any road restrictions in their area,” said Tom O’Malley, senior vice president of sales & marketing at Schwing America. “We pride ourselves on our ability to provide relevant technology to pumping contractors.”

The new Schwing engineered six-axle design utilizes pneumatically operated pusher and tag axles that balance out the weight per axle. The equal weight distribution allows pumping contractors to use their larger equipment continuously throughout the spring, regardless of restrictions, according to Schwing. This new engineering is available on the conventional truck-mounted S 43 SX and S 47 SX III, and is currently offered on the Kenworth T880 chassis.

The axles can be raised or lowered using the Schwing In-Cab Control (SCC). SCC offers a five-inch screen with backup camera standard. Retract the axles when not needed to help avoid curbs and other job site obstructions. Each pusher and tag axle is equipped with fenders.

The Schwing 43-meter and 47-meter concrete boom pumps are also equipped with five-section booms, open loop hydraulic system, and Schwing’s exclusive Rock Valve. Available pump kits provide high output, high-pressure capabilities and all the latest controls and features.

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