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Americas to get its first Metso Outotec Truck Body in operation

June 2, 2021
In a really ‘big’ deal, one of the world’s largest copper mines has decided to invest in the truck with a loading capacity of 360 tons

In a really ‘big’ deal, one of the world’s largest copper mines has decided to invest in a Metso Outotec Truck Body, marking the first order globally for a truck with loading capacity of 360 tons and the first in the Americas, according to the manufacturer. The customer is looking to increase payload of its trucks while also reducing maintenance.

Metso Outotec’s unique Truck Body is designed to maximize the availability and performance of haul trucks while reducing the costs for service and maintenance. The innovation that combines the benefits of rubber and a high-strength steel structure was launched in 2019.

“We will supply a Truck Body with lower weight and major volume capacity compared to the OEM body,” said Alfredo Rios, business support manager, Loading and Hauling, Americas, for Metso Outotec.  “We can prove with objective calculation the benefits the customer is going to receive, such as fuel savings, less maintenance, more uptime, the possibility to increase payload on each hauling, as well as improving the truck body’s life. All these benefits are answering to growing demand for environmental efficiency,”

The Truck Body is part of Metso Outotec’s Planet Positive offering.

Key benefits of Metso Outotec Truck Body:

  • Up to 30% lighter than a conventional steel-lined truck body.
  • Lower fuel consumption per hauled tonne, less CO2 emissions.
  • The rubber lining lasts up to 300% longer than conventional steel lining, drastically reducing the need for maintenance.
  • Modular design makes the lining easier to install and maintain. 
  • Noise cut in half; vibrations reduced by up to 97%, which significantly improves the working environment for truck drivers.
  • Available for all common truck models.