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Knapheide combo body

Knapheide highlights latest equipment

March 6, 2020
New combo body on display at The Work Truck Show 2020 combines company’s popular service, contractor platforms

The Knapheide Manufacturing Company showed off a host of new truck bodies during The Work Truck Show 2020, including a combo body, saw body, 46- and 60-inch-tall service bodies, the aluminum KUVcc, and a newly designed forestry body.

The manufacturer also showcased its van equipment, including a lineup of partitions, shelving, options and accessories designed to fit the needs of most van users.

“The Work Truck Show is such a great event for us,” said Haily Meyer, Knapheide’s product strategy manager. “It gives us the opportunity to have all of our new and updated products in one place for everyone at the show to see.”

The combo body is a combination of Knapheide’s popular service body and contractor platform body. It provides optimized storage, transportation solutions and a full cargo area with drop down racks, the company said.

The saw body was designed for concrete cutting contractors, with its primary purpose being to haul concrete cutting saws. It includes specific storage areas for items such as saw blades, hoses, cords, slurry tanks, and coring and drilling equipment.

The 46- and 60-inch tall service bodies are available in steel and aluminum. These bodies add more capacity to safely and securely store cargo in compartments, Knapheide said. The 46-inch-tall bodies add 20% more storage over the standard 40-inch service bodies, and the 60-inch bodies offer 55% more storage over their 40-inch counterpart.

Knapheide’s aluminum KUVcc offers the same features and specifications as its aluminum service body but features an enclosed cargo area with increased payload and longevity through superior corrosion resistance.

The newly designed forestry body offers increased capacity and new safety features, including an integrated ladder tunnel with lockable storage on the curbside of the body. The rear gate swings a full 270 degrees around the curbside of the body and is designed to avoid interference with the storage tunnel.

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