Allied and The Godwin Group

The Godwin Group grows again

Jan. 10, 2020
Dunn NC-based company spins off Allied Mobile Systems, specializing in mobile hydraulics for snow removal, dump trucks

The Godwin Group, headquartered in Dunn NC, recently launched Allied Mobile Systems.

The newly independent company has been active in product development and branding for several years, and now is the right time to spin it off as a standalone business, The Godwin Group said.

“The announcement reflects a rich history and a firm commitment to the future of expanding our market as business continues to grow for our product lines,” the company maintained.

Although the Allied name is relatively new, it’s backed by Godwin’s more than 35 years of continuous experience in the snow removal hydraulics market, making it one of the oldest brands of its kind. Collectively, The Godwin Group of companies boasts more than 500 years in the transportation industry.

Allied Mobile Systems, also based in Dunn, will develop its distributor network, utilize strategic Godwin Group distributors, and supply inter-company needs. Although a part of The Godwin Group, Allied will market and operate independently.

“Admittedly, we got left behind in the technology department a few years ago, but that has dramatically changed to us driving cutting-edge innovation in the market today, and our production has grown to support a new company,” said Pat Godwin Jr, The Godwin Group’s corporate president.

“Allied holds several patents, with more being filed. The most innovative advancement for Allied thus far has been the seat-mounted touch screen control system ‘Envision.’ This, combined with our award-winning ‘Forward Controls’ option, which are integrated steering wheel controls, (keep) hands on the wheel and eyes on the road (for) productivity, safety and comfort—where there are none better nor safer.”

The company also offers the Road Runner system, which is a wireless remote dump bed controller for paving operations. A video highlighting the system is available at

“This is just the beginning of what we are working on,” Godwin said. “We intend to be a force to reckon with as recent innovations foster even more ideas and market diversity, which has allowed us to venture deeper into uncharted territory.”

The Godwin Group is a family-owned and -operated corporation vertically integrated in the dump truck and snow removal markets in the US. They are recognized as the largest family owned/operated dump bed manufacturer in the US, with four generations soon to be fully vested.

The group’s companies include Godwin Mfg, Good Roads by Godwin, Galion-Godwin Truck Body, R&S Godwin Truck Body, Champion Hoist and Equipment, Williamsen-Godwin Truck Body, and Allied Mobile Systems.