X-Deck from SafeTec Platforms safely maintains no-tipping feature

The X-Deck from SafeTec Platforms is lightweight, portable, height-adjustable — and doesn't tip over. A variety of safety handrails is also provided.

Use two X-Decks with a connecting board and set up 20 feet of walkway. Run the length of a trailer and set it up from scratch in less than one minute. Use the connecting board that comes with a full-length handrail to “C” shape around the trailer, or even bridge over top of the engine to get to the windshield.

SafeTec's new double-wide 36-inch X-Decks are now twice the width — big enough to comfortably accommodate five people on the work stand.

For refrigeration unit inspection, the X-Deck's stability allows the user to use the full length of the deck without ever worrying about tipping the platform over. The allows for an almost 200 percent lateral increase in work productivity over that of a conventional ladder.

It provides the user with the characteristics of a scaffolding operation (ie, large work space and multiple employees using it simultaneously) with the ease and speed of setup of a ladder.

Servicing becomes simplified when using this deck. Optional handrails, wheel kits, and work trays make the platform highly mobile and efficient.

Visit www.safeplatforms.com or www.xdeck.com for more information.

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