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Stoughton scholarship winners
The Wahlin Foundation recently awarded scholarships to Stoughton High School graduates Tate Knutson, left, and Alexa Nelson.

Wahlin Foundation awards scholarships to 6 Wisconsin grads

The Wahlin Foundation recently awarded $21,000 in scholarships to graduates from Stoughton, Brodhead and Evansville high schools in Wisconsin. 

The foundation is owned by the Wahlin family, which also owns Stoughton Trailers. They award scholarships to high school grads in the communities where the companies have office and production facilities.

Of the $21,000 in scholarships, one $2,000 scholarship was awarded in each community to graduates attending technical college, and one $5,000 scholarship from each community went to graduates attending a four-year college.

Winners of the $5,000 scholarships for 2018 included Alexa Nelson (Stoughton High) and Makayla Elwood (Evansville). Receiving a $2,000 scholarship were Tate Knutson (Stoughton High) and Caitlin West (Evansville). At Brodhead, Jocelyn Manley received a technical college scholarship and Holden Whitledge was the recipient of a four-year college scholarship.

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