WABCO, IVECO Sign ABS Deal for South America

WABCO Holdings Inc. (NYSE: WBC) has entered into a long-term agreement with IVECO to supply anti-lock braking technology for IVECO’s platforms of light- and medium-duty trucks produced in Brazil from 2013 onward.

WABCO’s new agreement with IVECO is consistent with the Brazilian federal government’s mandate for compulsory anti-lock braking systems (ABS) on new trucks, buses and trailers to further increase vehicle and road safety. According to Brazilian legislation, 40 percent of total commercial vehicles produced in Brazil in 2013 must be equipped with ABS and 100 percent in 2014.

Presently, a small percentage of new commercial vehicles registered in Brazil are equipped with ABS, which prevents locking of a vehicle’s wheels when road friction is not sufficient to transmit braking forces. WABCO pioneered ABS for commercial vehicles in 1981and is the local market’s leading technology supplier.

“This major new contract with IVECO further demonstrates WABCO’s technology leadership in South America,” said Reynaldo Contreira, WABCO South America Business Leader. “We are passionate about the continued growth potential for WABCO anti-lock braking systems in South America.”

WABCO has a long established supply relationship with IVECO globally. WABCO furnishes anti-lock braking, electronic braking and electronically controlled air suspension systems, as well as air compressor technology, vehicle control modules and braking products, among other vehicle components.

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