WABCO Holdings further enhances Intelligent Trailer Program

WABCO Holdings Inc has added several features in its Intelligent Trailer Program.

New functions such as OptiLoad, OptiTurn, Tilt Alert, and Bounce Control are featured on the E1 version of the company's Trailer EBS E generation.

OptiLoad automatically redistributes cargo weight over the truck-trailer combination. As a trailer's cargo is partially delivered along its route, the remaining cargo can exceed the legal maximum weight limit on the truck's rear axle. With new OptiLoad and existing air bellows, the trailer's suspension system redistributes load weight without moving any cargo.

OptiTurn automatically recognizes curves and reduces tire friction on rear axle wheels by partially or fully lifting the axle when the vehicle navigates curves at low speed and maneuvers at loading docks, eliminating scraping of tires on the road surface. Using existing air suspension bellows, new OptiTurn can replace steering axles and reduces tire wear.

Tilt Alert assists truck drivers to safely operate trailers that raise one end to unload. It warns drivers when the tilting angle reaches the trailer's physical limits of stability.

Bounce Control prevents a trailer from pulsing up and down as brakes are released after cargo has been loaded or unloaded.

WABCO's Trailer E1 version continues to feature roll stability support (RSS) as well as an operating data recorder that registers trailer technical data much like an airplane's black box. It can be optionally equipped with SmartBoard, a control box that graphically displays the trailer's critical real-time operating information in a choice of 15 languages.

Access www.wabco-auto.com for more information.

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