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Wabash Sells RoadRailer Demonstration Set to Shiga Transport

Wabash Sells RoadRailer Demonstration Set to Shiga Transport

Wabash National Corporation today announced that Japan's Shiga Transport Co. Ltd. purchased a demonstration set of RoadRailer intermodal equipment.

Shiga Transport, representing the Japan trucking industry, purchased the RoadRailer equipment, to investigate the possibility of using RoadRailer intermodal products in Japan. RoadRailer technology has the flexibility of an over-the-road trailer that is specially equipped for railroad intermodal service.

Japan is pursuing a program called Dual Mode Transport II in which, by utilizing the RoadRailer technology, the country would improve its freight structure and reduce pollution and green house gases. A national demonstration of the RoadRailer technology will take place in Japan this June.

"Wabash National is pleased to be working with Japan's Shiga Transport," said Wabash President/CEO Dick Giromini. "This is a great opportunity for Wabash National to globally expand the benefits of RoadRailer technology, and enable Shiga Transport to provide Japan with this innovative technology as the country focuses on better utilizing its railroad infrastructure."

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