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Wabash Secures Order With Prime Inc.

Wabash Secures Order With Prime Inc.

Wabash National Corporation today announced that Prime Inc., one of the largest refrigerated carriers in North America, opted to purchase 1,900 ArcticLite refrigerated van trailers in addition to its original order in 2005.

Wabash National's ArcticLite trailer, known for its thermal efficiency, continues to be the equipment solution for Prime Inc., which currently operates a fleet that includes 3,000 ArcticLite trailers.

"We're excited about expanding our fleet with an additional 1,900 Wabash ArcticLite trailers to be delivered this year," said Robert Low, Prime's founder and Chief Executive Officer. "Our partnership with Wabash and purchase of their ArcticLite trailers will provide Prime's customers with unmatched temperature protection. These thermally efficient and lightweight trailers are equipped with the latest technology to maximize product protection, while reducing our carbon footprint and conserving energy. The superior design of these trailers enables us to maximize cargo weight and cubic capacity. We remain committed to our quest of providing our customers with the most productive and efficient equipment available."

"We once again are pleased to partner with one of the nation's premier refrigerated carriers, Prime Inc.," said Dick Giromini, Wabash National's President and Chief Executive Officer. "Their continued support of our ArcticLite refrigerated van truly authenticates the quality and performance of this product."

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