VT SVC Changes Name to VT Hackney

VT Specialized Vehicles Corporation, Inc. (VT SVC), a subsidiary of VT Systems, Inc., announced that the company’s name has been changed to VT Hackney, Inc.

“VT Hackney is a name that more accurately reflects the transformation of our business in recent years,” said Mike Tucker, President and CEO of VT Hackney. “Today, we are a brand-driven company focused on Hackney and Kidron. By aligning our corporate name with our best-known brand, we will increase the visibility of the company with customers, leverage the market leading Hackney brand name, and get more credit for our accomplishments in the marketplace. That said, the Kidron brand is—and will remain—a very important part of the company. Becoming VT Hackney will in no way limit or constrict us from growing in any direction in the future.”

VT Hackney, Inc., headquartered in Washington, N.C., is s specialty truck body and trailer manufacturer, marketing products to a diverse group of end-user markets under its Hackney and Kidron brands.

VT Hackney operates manufacturing facilities in five states and has 24 assembly and service partners worldwide. The company has registered trademarks in 40 countries and serves customers in over 60 countries.

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