Vector 1800MT trailer refrigeration system can reduce energy costs by more than 60%

The economic case to take advantage of the electric standby capability integrated into Carrier Transicold's hybrid Vector 1800MT trailer refrigeration system gets more compelling with each increase in the price of diesel fuel. Based on current diesel and electricity price averages, the system can now reduce energy costs by more than 60 percent during loading and unloading operations.

The Vector 1800MT multi-temperature system features Carrier's patented Deltek hybrid diesel-electric technology, which offers operational versatility. On the highway, the unit's diesel motor drives an electric generator that powers its all-electric refrigeration system. When parked, the unit can be plugged into electrical current without running the diesel engine.

The electric standby mode offers additional benefits, such as eliminating exhaust emissions and engine noise, and conserving fuel for highway use.

Using standby power with proper documentation also provides fleets with another compliance option for satisfying requirements of the California Air Resources Board.

Other trailer refrigeration units offer electric standby as an add-on option, but on the Vector 1800MT system it is an integrated feature. When plugged into electricity, the hybrid system's streamlined architecture delivers greater refrigeration capacity than optional standby assemblies for conventional units, which also add mechanical complexity. When heating is required while operating on standby, the Vector 1800MT system's energy efficiency excels again, because its electric heating circuit consumes less power to achieve setpoint than conventional electromechanical standby options.

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