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XtraVue Trailer Valeo

Valeo highlights XtraVue 'invisible' trailer system

Valeo recently unveiled its new “disappearing” trailer technology, XtraVue Trailer, which allows a user to visualize the environment behind a connected trailer or caravan.

The XtraVue Trailer “causes a trailer or caravan to appear invisible in the rearview mirror of the vehicle towing it,” the company said in a release, offering “invaluable driving assistance.”

The system takes video images captured by cameras located at the rear of the vehicle and the trailer or caravan and combines them into a single homogeneous image, allowing the driver to see everything happening behind the vehicle on a small screen in the cab, rendering the trailer “totally invisible” the company said.

The driver can then maneuver more easily, regardless of the size of the trailer towed.

Valeo first showed XtraVue at last year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas NV, introducing a camera that allowed drivers to see through vehicles. But this version relied on cameras installed in other vehicles, making it less reliable than the XtraVue Trailer, which Valeo says works with cameras installed on one vehicle.


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