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Utility unveils patented aerodynamic device for trailers

Utility Trailer recently introduced the Utility Aerodynamic Tail (UAT), a patented aerodynamic device for trailers.

When paired with low rolling-resistant tires and configured on a Utility dry van or reefer, the combination of the UAT and Side Skirt are designed to reduce fuel use and aerodynamic drag. The company said its Utility Aerodynamic Tail was engineered and tested to meet strict operational requirements.

Utility is the only trailer manufacturer that makes all of its own CARB (California Air Resources Board) and Canadian EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) compliant aerodynamic devices.

“We always think about how we can make our trailers more fuel efficient,” said Jeffrey Bennett, Utility’s vice president of engineering and product development. “That is why we have pursued aerodynamic technologies which will further improve trailer performance. Our Utility Aerodynamic Tail was put through rigorous testing, including a computational fluid dynamics analysis.

“Utility’s Aerodynamic Tail was developed to be user friendly, maintenance friendly, and the best overall value of similar products in the market.”

Weighing 25 pounds and compatible on dry vans and refrigerated trailers with rear swing doors, the UAT is constructed of a UV-protected thermoplastic composite and comprised of two full-height side fairings and one full-width roof fairing.

The side fairings are connected to the rear swing doors. Using standard opening procedures for the rear swing doors, the UAT automatically deploys when the doors are closed and folds back when the doors are open with no additional driver involvement necessary. The roof fairing does not interfere with lock rods or rear light areas and meets all DOT Photometric requirements, Utility said.

Utility’s aerodynamic devices endure real-world tests to ensure strength and durability, and stand up to everyday wear and tear. The side skirt and low resistant tires come standard on dry vans and reefers, and the side skirt and tail are factory-installed.

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