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Utility trailer is hybrid-reefer prepped

Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co is rolling out a new prep package for trailers that will be equipped with hybrid refrigeration units.

The package is based off the company’s 3000R refrigerated trailer to provide an improved engineered interface between the trailer and the hybrid refrigeration system.

“Utility recognized that the interface between the trailer and refrigeration system has an impact in the overall performance and reliability, especially in demanding applications like multi-temperature, where heavy forklift traffic, multiple door openings and movable bulkheads make them more prone to damage and wear,” said Craig Bennett, Utility’s senior vp-sales & marketing. “The new Prep Package improves the overall reliability, performance and life associated with hybrid systems.”

According to the company, among the newly engineered features specifically incorporated for hybrid multi-temperature applications is a flush, heavy-duty, divided aluminum trough that houses refrigeration lines and electrical cables in separate compartments, a full length, grounded, copper channel surrounding the high voltage cable, and a ¼-inch thick trough cover to better protect the high-voltage cable from damage from forktruck masts and shoring bars.

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