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Utility standardizes 20K duct floor for 3000R reefer trailer

Utility Trailer, a manufacturer of refrigerated trailers, dry freight vans, flatbeds, Tautliner curtainsided trailers and aerodynamic technologies, recently made its 20K Duct Floor System the new standard floor on the 3000R base model refrigerated trailer.

“We always look to deliver more value to our customers by continually improving the performance of our trailers, which is why the 20K Duct Floor is the new standard floor on the 3000R,” said Jeffrey Bennett, vice president of engineering and product development for Utility.

“The 20K Duct Floor System is the highest-rated standard floor in the industry, and its design keeps the 3000R light weight, because the floor requires no other structural enhancements.”

The 20K Duct Floor System features a 20,000-pound floor rating capacity for fork trucks with 12-inch wide front tires. Its aluminum duct floor planks have 30% more upper wear thickness than Utility’s prior 16K standard floor, increasing service life and delivering optimal performance.


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