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Upgraded Paralift has adjustable ride height

Hendrickson Auxiliary Axle Systems has unveiled the newly upgraded 20,000-lb-capacity Paralift steerable truck lift axle system.

Paralift is available with adjustable ride height and frame width capabilities. Combining frame width and ride height spacers with a slotted cross member, Paralift's adjustability enables aftermarket installers and body builders to stock one unit to meet a variety of truck configurations.

The trailing arm beams evolved from a dual-paddle, triangular cross-section design to a more efficient single paddle, Z-beam configuration. The introduction of zero-torsion, trailing-arm bushings help eliminate bushing wind-up and allow for the single air spring configuration.

Repositioning of the stabilizer adds another benefit. The combined impact of the new lift springs design and the repositioned stabilizer increases wheel cut from 18 degrees to more than 25 degrees.

With a 1,465-lb system weight, the Paralift offers a 160-lb weight savings versus the previous model. It features 12 inches of total travel with nine inches of lift in ride heights from nine to 13.5 inches, all in a 28-inch package space.

Access for more details.

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